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“Winter Blahs? Winter Ahhs!” An Open Letter from Professor Barbara Crawford

2 years ago

There is a very small room, about 7 x 9 feet in size, off the kitchen. The room is positioned to catch the morning…

Thoughts On Love From Students, Faculty, and Professional Staff

2 years ago

As we celebrate Valentine’s Day today, and watch the Southern Virginia University Theatre Department’s production “Romeo and Juliet” on the stage, love is in…

Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr.

2 years ago

Today, we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day by striving to remember the man, as well as the cause to which he dedicated his…

Behind the Scenes: The Ones Who Make the Limelight

2 years ago

As Southern Virginia University students file out Chandler after another spectacular theater production, it is possible that most of the audience may have missed…

Loving the Constitution

2 years ago

One of my favorite aphorists — Heraclitus — said, “The people should fight for their law, as they do for their city wall.” I…

An Interview with Interim Provost Dr. Scott Dransfield

2 years ago

As announced on August 23 at Southern Virginia’s annual university conference, Dr. Scott Dransfield, professor of English, will serve as interim provost for the…

Why Dress Nice at Southern Virginia: An Open Letter to First Year Students

2 years ago

Dear First-Year Student, In the following weeks and perhaps months, you’re going to hear many messages about the dress and grooming standards at Southern…

Relief Efforts in White Sulphur Springs

2 years ago

Meet Sonya. She’s a nurse. She helps people for a living. She was on her way to work on Thursday when floods hit her…

7 Reasons to Try Summer Courses

2 years ago

To all who take the occasional college course: If you like to learn all year long, if short-term, concentrated courses fit your learning style, if…

Students Present Papers & Earn Awards at VMI Symposium

3 years ago

Four Southern Virginia University students presented Spanish papers at the Annual Spring Symposium of the Virginia Military Institute Center for Undergraduate Research last week….

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